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A Fragile Heart - Chapter 1 - Part 1

He flew amongst the clouds in the cold night sky with the long silver wings attached to his back and the crispy wind blowing through his shoulder length black hair. He wasn’t sure where he was heading, but he felt at peace with the world whenever he travelled with the stars, it was quiet there and allowed him to think about things without constant interruptions and noise.

“Eric? You’re going to be late for college.” Said a woman’s voice that seemingly came from inside his head.

“But it’s the middle of the night…” He replied, sounding confused. Then he began to feel a warm softness push against his cheek and he opened his eyes to find himself lying in his bed. He took a deep breath, rubbed his hand across his face and rolled over to fall off the side of the bed. “I keep forgetting not to do that.” He said to himself, half asleep. The 19 year old college student climbed to his feet and looked around for some clothes to wear as it was too late for a shower now; a dark grey shirt and some black jeans should be enough.

He walked over to the window, pulled the curtain back and closed his eyes as the bright sunlight flooded the room. He walked over to the table next to the bed and picked up his silver neck chain and black wristband then looked around for the bag he usually took to college and headed down the ageing wooden stairs that made a horrible creaking sound whenever you stood on them.

“So you finally decided to wake up, lazy ass.” His mom said as he walked past the door that leads to the kitchen. “One day you’ll thank me for waking you in the mornings, otherwise you’d always be late.” She was making some toast for breakfast, but Eric wasn’t feeling hungry, as usual.

“Yeah, sure. I gotta go, bye.” He groaned to his mom and opened the front door, brushing his hair back with one hand and holding his college bag with the other. The weather wasn’t bad for a February morning, usually it was colder and the sky was filled with dark grey clouds, but today was warm and calming. The sun was bright and there was a gentle breeze that allowed Eric’s hair to wave slightly as he turned the corner of the street and walked in the direction of his college.

It wasn’t a long walk, around 20-30 minutes, but it was a nice walk. Eric enjoyed the time to spend on his own in the morning with his headphones in listening to loud music and blocking out the rest of the world. It allowed him to think about his life, things like; where he was heading in the future, what he wanted to do, and who he wanted to be with. He walked down towards the river that lead to college, it was slightly quicker than walking along by the road, and quieter too.

He took the mp3 player out of his pocket and searched through the list of songs that appeared on the small light screen to find some acoustic music, and walked along the river while watching the small ripples in the water caused by the breeze. Unfortunately he had forgotten to recharge the battery in his mp3 player overnight and the music went silent.

“Oh…great.” He said to himself in disappointment, this meant he would have to go for the rest of the day listening to his surroundings. He took the headphones out of his ears, folded them around his hand and put them in his pocket with the mp3 player. Just after that he noticed a faint screaming sound in the distance and began to walk a little faster to see where the sound was coming from. He turned the corner around some trees to see small group of five or six kids gathered around two other boys in the middle, they all looked around 12-14 years old.

“That doesn’t look like a friendly game.” He thought to himself and one of the kids pushed the boy in the middle with the short blonde hair. After that, the other kids joined in and started pushing both of the boys around, getting more physical each time – and closer to the river. Eric was still walking towards them since they were ahead of him on the path he follows to college.

“Should I interrupt them or just keep walking?” he thought to himself, pulling the bag up on his shoulder so that it wouldn’t fall off. “There are more of them, but I am older, and if someone doesn’t do something than that kid is going to get hurt, maybe even fall into the river. And if he does, can he swim?”

One of the bullies looked around and saw Eric walking in their direction. “Hey, who’s this guy think he is, staring at us like that!” And the others looked around, now they were all watching Eric, but he didn’t notice them, he was focused on the leader of the group. He continued to walk while looking at each of the boys staring back at him, not saying anything.

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