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A Fragile Heart - Chapter 1 - Part 2

It wasn’t long before Eric had reached the boys and his glare towards the leader disturbed them enough for them to quietly back off from the kids they were pushing around. He didn’t stop to talk to them, why should he? He’s never seen them before and probably will never see them again. It’s not his problem to deal with. At least, that’s what Eric thought of the situation.

The group of kids turned to walk away, heading in the opposite direction from Eric, towards their school located on the other side of town. The two smaller kids gathered their things together and watched him as he continued to walk without stopping to check if they were okay.

“That doesn’t happen everyday.” Eric thought to himself while holding his bag on his shoulder and walking along the river. It wasn’t long before he would reach the college and his peaceful walk would be over. He wasn’t looking forward to the day ahead, he never liked Tuesdays, because it meant he would have to sit through 3 hours of math. He wasn’t bad at the subject; it just didn’t really interest him much because there was too much logical thinking involved.

A few minutes passed before he could hear the noise from other students that attended the college, they were in their usual areas of the campus in their usual groups of friends. Eric didn’t fit into any crowds, he was known by others, but mainly only by those who accepted him for who he is. He followed the path around the corner to see the college buildings with the windows shining in the sunlight. There were two separate buildings on the campus; the larger one was for the main courses and the smaller for the evening and part time courses.

Eric kept his head down and walked through the crowds of young people, heading towards the larger building while listening to the people around him enjoying their self and having fun conversations. It seemed like there were a lot more people there compared to most days, maybe it was just the weather that attracted everyone to wait outside, or maybe there was a class trip for one of the tourism/public services groups. It didn’t really bother Eric though; he was only interested in getting to his art class without getting too involved with the people around him.

The young independent man continued to make his way through the crowd outside and finally arrived at the large wooden doors, he looked through the glistening window at the side to see if anyone had gone in yet then reached down to pull the door open.

“There you are!” a sweet young female voice called to him from behind and he turned to see who was there until the bright sunlight blinded him, causing him to move his arm across his face and turn away from her. “Oh you silly boy, the sun isn’t that bright. Stop overreacting.” She joked, and slapped his arm before reaching around him to pull the door open. “Come on, it’s too loud out here this morning.” She said and pushed him through the door.

Once they were through the door, Eric stopped and looked around. “Rose, what’re you doing down here? You’re usually already waiting outside the classroom.” He asked her abruptly.

“Yeah I know I am, but the car broke down and my dad decided not to bother fixing it before I needed to leave, so I walked instead and here I am!” She responded as she jumped slightly and threw her arm in the air, pointing to the ceiling. Eric looked at her for a moment and they began to walk along the hall to the stairs that lead up to the Creative Arts department.

For now the only noise was the sound of their shoes squeaking on the wet wooden floor, Rose was convinced that the cleaners leave the floor wet on purpose in hope of some poor student slipping and breaking their neck one day. They continued down the hallway in silence, she knew that Eric wasn’t a sociable person so she didn’t mind having an awkward silence every now and then. “So Eric, do you like my new clothes? I bought them with that money you gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago.” She asked, intrigued at how he might reply. He looked at her while she danced around in a circle to show him what she was wearing; a light grey short sleeved shirt and a long black skirt, with long white socks and some multi-coloured wristbands on her arms. Eric had given her money for her birthday because he didn’t celebrate it himself and didn’t want to bother buying her a present that she might not have liked.

“You look nice.” He told her, and looked back in front of him.

“Really? You think so? Awww thank you!” she said cheerfully and then she turned to the side, threw her arms out to her sides and dived at Eric to give him a hug. “You’ve never said that to me before, you’re making progress, young child, soon enough we’ll be getting you a girlfriend so you won’t be alone all the time.” She let go of him and looked away slightly as they reached the end of the hallway and began to climb the stairs.

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