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Project Xeriks - Chapter 1 - Part 1

In the small bar in the hot desert-like town, like usual, the regular drunks were arguing about whatever they always argue about, the other visitors sat quietly at their tables and drank while enjoying a chat, and the staff at the bar collected the empty glasses, took the extra tips left on the tables and gave out the drinks to those who wanted one. But there was one young man who wasn’t arguing, or chatting, or working, he was sitting in the corner alone, with 3 empty beer glasses in a line on the table. He had dark hair that covered his ears and touched his shoulders, with a dark grey shirt and black pants which could be seen under the long black trench coat which reached from his shoulders to just above his ankles. Inside this long coat there was a strong solid sleeve where a sharp silver blade was resting. He sat with his elbows on the table, resting his forehead on the back of his hands, with dark blue eyes staring at the other side of the table as if there was something on his mind.

The drunks began to shout louder, and they were now fighting with each other too, the staff warned them to lower the noise or they would have to leave. At that time, the young man picked up his fourth glass, and was just about to drink when the ground shook slightly. The drunks collapsed and couldn’t get back up, the staff managed to keep their balance on the ground, and the unknown man continued to drink like nothing had happened.

“Are you okay there sir?” asked one of the bar staff, her head tilted to one side as she looked at him, and pushed her waist length hair behind her ears.

“..Yeah” the young man replied. “I’ll have another, thanks.”

“I’ll bring it to you in a minute, after I help those drunk guys out of the door.”

She took the empty glasses from the table and took them to the kitchen area, before rushing back in to help the drunks to their feet, once they were gone she went back to the drinks to pour some more beer into a fresh glass before taking it to the table in the corner.

“Are you waiting for someone?” she asked him, as she placed the glass on the table in front of him.

“No.” he replied sternly.

“Are you staying around for awhile or just passing through?” she continued to question him, intrigued by knowing he didn’t seem to care that he was on his own. He gave no reply this time, and instead his eyes moved to look at her. “I’m sorry, but I noticed that you’re alone and was just wondering, that’s all.”

His eyes moved back to their original staring position, as he abruptly said “Fine.” He picked up the glass, drank all of the beer and stood up. “Thanks for the drink.”

“It was no problem sir, are you leaving now?”

“Yeah.” He told her.

“Will you be coming back soon?” the girl was still asking questions.

“Probably not.” Was the answer she got.

The young man began to walk in the direction of the door, now with his back to the girl, when she asked him, “Where are you heading to now?” He stopped and turned his head slightly to the side.

“Do you ever stop asking questions?” The girl stepped back, she didn’t know how to answer him, was he mad at her for simply trying to be sociable with him?

“I’m sorry, I’ll let you go now, enjoy your journey.” She said, putting on a fake smile and a friendly tone in her voice.

“Bye.” He said as he continued to walk to the door, the bar was now empty. What was that earthquake about? He thought to himself. No, it wasn’t strong enough to be an earthquake. Hmm.. He walked outside and turned left to go along the side of the road. The bright sun gleaming onto his back, and a smooth relaxing breeze filled the humid air, acting almost like a cooling fan. After a few minute he came to the edge of town, all he could see ahead was a long dusty road cutting through the hot desert surrounding the small town.

Just when he was about to start his long walk, there was another quake, but this time it was a lot stronger, knocking him to the floor, the earth continued to shake more violently, when suddenly 3 Desert Worms, standing at about 8 feet in height, with red and gold colored stripes along its body, appeared from under the ground. The top of it was a mouth with a few hundred sharp teeth and no eyes to be seen. Immediately, the young man forced himself up and took out his blade, holding it with both hands, as it seemed to carry a weight with its strong material.

So that’s what was causing the earthquakes..

He ran towards the closest worm, and jumped towards its head, waving the blade backwards then forcing it upwards and through the worms neck, there was a loud screeching sound, as the first worm fell, creating a storm of sand as it hit the ground before turning to dust, which was what normally happened when a Monster was defeated. He put one of his arms across his face, trying to stop the sandstorm from effecting his accuracy and balance too much. After the small storm began to weaken, he looked for the other worms, but they were no longer where he originally saw them appear.

Where did they go? He thought as he noticed the big holes in the ground. At that moment the worms shot up from the ground where he was standing, causing him to be thrown backwards and losing his grip of the blade. Damn. How did I not see that? He climbed back up onto his feet and looked around for the blade he was dependant on. Great, how can I get to it without the worms getting me first? Maybe I should try using magic.. He lifted his left hand to cover the lower area of his face, as he closed his eyes and concentrated on summoning the magic spell he wanted to use – Aero. He knew that an Earth Elemental Monster was weak against Air-Related attacks. A small cloud began to swirl in front of him, getting faster each second, the sand from the ground began to merge into the swirling air, making it harder for him to concentrate. He moved his arm slightly to the right, then swung his arm down to the left side of his waist, the magic ripped through the air and cut the second worm in half.

The third worm retreated into the hole that was formed when they surfaced. There was a brief silence in the town before the girl from the bar appeared at the door and ran to the young man.

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