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Project Xeriks - Chapter 1 - Who Are You? - Part 2

“Hey! Are you okay? I didn’t know you could fight like that! I haven’t seen a skilled blade wielder for...I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skilled blade wielder! That was great!” she said to him, excited by the performance she had watched from the window of the bar.

“I’m fine.” He responded as he brushed the sand and dust from his clothes and placed the blade back into its sleeve.

“Do you want to come back to the bar to rest?” For a moment he stood there, looking at the ground, as she patiently waited for a response.

“I suppose…” The two of them turned to walk back towards the bar, but as they reached the door, a dark red army car came speeding past them, then spinning around and coming to a stop. Great. Gynerian forces, but why are they in Crarlern? He thought to himself as he pushed the girl through the doors to the bar. “Stay here.” He said to her, before turning to go back out to face the 5 soldiers that had arrived outside. They were about 7 feet tall and wearing dark read army clothes with black lines on the elbows, knees and shoulders, and were equipped with small machine guns.

The young man walked about 5 feet from the entrance to the bar, and looked at the soldiers who were now stood in a line. One of the soldiers, obviously the leader of the squad, stepped forward.

“So, we’ve found you, after 7 months of searching.” He said in a deep, authorative voice.

“What are you doing in Crarlern? What about the International Union of Evelsius? What about the law which states that military forces cannot pass onto the territory of other countries?”

“You can ask your questions when we return to Gyneria. Now, are you coming with us peacefully or do we have to hurt you?” The soldier seemed to be angered and impatient. The young man drew out his blade and stood in his battle stance for the second time in the past hour. “Okay… Men! Prepare for battle!” The leader ordered as the other soldiers held up their guns in a firing position, the young man quickly cast a Protection Spell on himself so that the guns would not do as much damage. He ran towards the leader, jumped over him and landed on his feet, then span round and hit the leading soldier in the back with his blade. Fortunately for the soldier, his armour prevented the blade from slicing his body in half; instead he fell to the floor, now unconscious.

The other soldiers began to shoot at the young man, as he rolled to his right to dodge the bullets, before countering by running towards the soldier at the end of the line, he swung the blade up from the ground, knocking the gun out of the soldiers hand, then kicked him in the chest, causing his body to be thrown backwards and against the car that they had arrived in. The remaining 3 soldiers were standing in a curved line, with the young man stood at the end, he lifted his blade and held it out to his right side, then started to run towards the furthest solider, while slashing at the 2 soldiers between them, he stopped in front of the last soldier and waved his blade across the soldiers chest. Now all of the soldiers had fallen, the young man put away his blade, made a sigh under his breath, and walked back to where the bar was.

He walked through the door of the bar and sat down in the same place he was originally before leaving, the girl came in from the room behind the counter. They were both alone now, because the other staff at the bar had all gone home for the night.

“What happened? Who were those guys?” she asked him, but there was no response, he seemed to be deep in thought.

How did they find me? What are they doing here? They’re breaking laws? There’s something not right about this. He stood up and began to walk to the door.

“Where are you going?” the girl asked.

“I have to leave here. Those men, they were Gynerian soldiers, they’ve been looking for me ever since…never mind, I have to go.” He stopped in silence for a moment, then continued walking towards the door, but suddenly he felt a huge pain in his chest, causing him to fall onto one knee and holding his chest with his arm. “AAAAH” he screamed.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Why don’t you sit down for awhile?” the girl was concerned for his health, the earlier fights had began to take effect on him now, there were scratches, cuts and bruises on his body, mainly on his arms and chest. He took out a Healing Potion from his Inventory Backpack and drank it. After a few seconds the wounds began to heal their self and the light blue colored bottle was empty.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine…I suppose I could stay for a night…but I have nowhere to stay and no money.”

“It’s okay, why don’t you stay in the spare room upstairs? I won’t charge you for it.” She told him kindly.

“Oh...okay…thanks” he mumbled and they both made their ways through the door which lead to the stairs.

“The spare room is the one at the end of the hall on the right, the bathroom is the one at the top of the stairs, and my room is the room opposite the spare room, if you need to talk to me about anything, I’ll be in there.”


“Oh yeah, I didn’t get your name.”

“It’s Cyrano, Cyrano Xeriks.” The young man informed her.

“That’s a nice name, mine’s Aurea Lakeesh, nice to meet you, Mr. Xeriks.” She said in an excited voice, with a slight smile on her face, indicating that she was comfortable with his presence.

“Mr? Cyrano is fine. Do you want me to call you Mrs. Lakeesh?” he said, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“No, Aurea is okay, and it would be Miss, not Mrs…I haven’t met that special guy yet...but anyway, I’ll see you in the morning, ok?”

They made their way into the separate rooms, Aurea went straight to bed and slept, but Cyrano sat up and watched out the window as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. “Yeah…if I wait around that long…” he said to himself as he laid his head on the pillow and slowly fell asleep after about an hour of thinking about the day, and the possible reasons for the Gynerian soldiers being in the Crarlern Country. Maybe they formed some kind of alliance, or the laws changed without me hearing about it. But I’ll just have to wait and find out…

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