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Project Xeriks - Chapter 2 - Part 1

Cyrano awoke earlier than he had expected, it was only 4am but he didn’t seem to be very tired. He decided it was time for him to leave for the moderately busy town on the coast of Ayla, where he was originally headed before the Desert Worms attacked him. I’ll need to find a map to avoid getting lost, and the fights yesterday made me use the last of my Healing Potions. What’s the time? Damn, the shops aren’t open yet, I won’t be able to make a quick escape before Aurea wakes up. He walked over to the window of the room where he had slept for the night, thinking about what to do until the shops in the town square open. He put his hand into a sealed pocket on his coat and pulled out the money he had left. 100 SC left. I can get 10 Healing Potions with that…but how much would the map cost? He turned to lie back on the bed for awhile to pass the time.

Aurea slowly opened her eyes and rolled over on her bed to look at the clock, it was now 7am, time for her to get the bar ready for the long day ahead. She went over to the closet to pick out her daily attire – a bright red shirt with a black skirt that reaches about 4 inches below her knees, and black boots which cover the rest of her legs where the skirt doesn’t. She changed her clothes then headed for Cyranos room to see if he was still sleeping, she opened the door quietly, so that she wouldn’t wake him, but she then realised that the room was empty.

“Cyrano?” She asked the empty room. She closed the door and went downstairs to find him sat at a table near the door. “How long have you been here?”

“About an hour.” Cyrano replied. “I couldn’t get out.”

“You tried to leave without saying anything? Why?” Aurea asked, surprised.

“I have somewhere to go.”

“Oh…so…you won’t be staying any longer?” There was a sound of disappointment in her voice.

“Do you know how much a map will cost?”

“I think they’re about 80 SC…where are you going?”

Does she ever stop asking questions? “The Coast Town of Ayla.” He told her, pulling himself up, ready to leave for the town square.

“Isn’t that a bit far? I heard it’s about 100 miles to the east, but to get there you need to go through the Sarlu Desert, and then the ruins in the Wasteland after that. I also heard a rumour of a small rural town hidden somewhere in those ruins.”

“Yeah. Anyway, I won’t waste your time, I have to go and buy some Healing Potions and a map. Thanks for the room.” He gave a brief smile before opening the now unlocked door and turning right to go to the town square.

Aurea put her head down slightly. “Bye…”

80 SC? So I can only get 2 Healing Potions for the 45 mile journey through The Sarlu? It’ll be rough but I have no choice now.

The square was quiet at this time in the morning, the shops had only just opened so there were a few people walking around, either going to work, going shopping or just taking a peaceful walk in the morning air. Cyrano walked to the General Items shop first.

“Welcome young sir, would you like to purchase some Healing Potions? Or maybe some Revival Potions? We have all the items a basic adventurer could need for their journey.” Said the man running the shop.

“I’ll have two Healing Potions.” Cyrano asked, and placed 20 Store Creds on the counter. The man handed over the Potions and took the money. Cyrano walked out and headed for the next shop, where he could get anything related to adventuring, from maps to navigation compasses or inventory backpacks. There is also a Quests list, for the hunting members of the town to accept quests or one-time jobs for a small bit of quickly earned cash. He made his way into the shop and looked for the maps. There were quite a few maps, based on different areas of the country, so Cyrano was only able to buy maps for places in the Crarlern Region. After a few minutes of searching, he found a map for the Sarlu Desert, and one for the Wasteland Ruins, although Aurea had mentioned a town near the ruins, it did not seem to appear on the map. He gave the shop owner 40 SC for each of the maps and left.

As he walked down the road towards the desert, Aurea appeared. “Hey! Cyrano! Wait!” She shouted to him. He turned around and she handed the bottle to him. “It’s some water, for the desert, it can get quite hot out there. Well, I should get back to work before any beer gets stolen, bye!” She seemed to be in a happier mood now, compared to when she first realised that Cyrano was leaving so soon.

“Thanks, again.” He said to her. He put the bottle of water in his pocket and continued his walk to the desert. Aurea ran back into the bar and began to work again. At that moment, the noise of cars filled the air, Cyrano turned to see about 10 Gynerian Army Cars speeding down the road in his direction. “WHAT? I can’t take on all of them!” He said to himself as he looked around for an escape, he noticed a gap between the buildings and threw himself into the gap, and turned to watch the cars go past. “That was close; I guess they’re not giving up easily this time.” He stood up straight and brushed the sand off his coat, and continued his walk to the edge of the town.

After awhile he reached the desert, all he could see ahead was sand dunes and one or two cacti scattered across the sand. He took out the Map of Sarlu Desert. If I go straight for about 5 hours, then head to the south east for another 7 hours to get to the Desert Cave. There, I can rest for the night and then go further east over the Quicksand Trails, that’s another 6 hours, then I should be at the Oasis around this time the day after tomorrow. After I rest there for a few hours, I can continue southeast again to get to the Wasteland. With his plan in his mind, he started his long walk across the desert, looking at the map every 5 or 10 minutes, just to check that he wasn’t going in the wrong direction. Within half an hour, he encountered some Desert Rats; they were about 3 feet long and a foot high. Cyrano took out his blade and started slashing the Rats until they turned to dust in front of him. These small fiends were no challenge to the Blade Wielder, and he rechecked his map before continuing his journey.

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