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Project Xeriks - Chapter 3

It was dark outside the cave, Aurea was sleeping, but Cyrano was walking around tapping the ground with the blade in his hand. He wasn’t used to having someone with him; he’s always travelled alone and avoided most social contact since he’s had a whole country trying to find him for the past 7 months. There’s no proof that Aurea isn’t secretly working for Gyneria as a spy to help them catch him. They found me soon after I met her, then they supposedly attacked her bar just after I left and she decides to follow me to Ayla. How do I know they’re not waiting outside for me? How did she gain her Mage powers when she just works in a bar in a small town near a desert? The Blizzard wall had melted now, so the temperature began to increase again.

Cyrano stopped moving and looked at Aurea as she slowly opened her eyes, sat up and turned to look at him. “You’re awake already? It’s a bit dark outside. Do you ever sleep?” she asked.

“Sometimes.” He replied quietly.

“What have you been doing all this time?”


“About what?” She asked curiously, but she didn’t get a reply. She stood up and looked at the entrance to the cave. “Hmm…” She took her Mages Staff and cast another Blizzard over the area where the wall was, and then she turned to look at Cyrano. “How many Healing Potions do we have?”

“I don’t have any; I used them all in the desert yesterday.” He said to her.

“Oh…I don’t have any either…heh, what’re we gonna do if we get into a fight?” She asked as she scratched the back of her neck.

“We shouldn’t get into too many fights; we’d have to be lucky to see any worthy opponents in the middle of a desert. Anyway, we should go now.” They both took one more look at their Inventory Backpacks, which were technologically enhanced so that they could be small and still able to hold a lot of items. Once they were sure they had everything they needed, they decided to head outside and turned right. As they walked they realised that the sand in this area of the desert was harder to walk across. “Aurea, do you know how to use the Float spell?” Cyrano asked her.

“No…I never got a chance to practice that spell, it’s too advanced for my Magic Points level.” She stopped and looked down, as if there was something troubling her about what he had just asked.

“Oh…okay, it would’ve been useful in this situation, I guess we’ll just have to keep going.” There must be a way around the quicksand. He thought to himself, and suddenly the ground began to shake. It can’t be more Desert Worms. Aurea lost her balance and Cyrano quickly grabbed her arm to help her stand up, just then the sand shot upwards and formed the shape of a large human that was made purely of sand. “What the hell is that?!” Cyrano shouted, and a ball of sand rose from the ground behind them and shot towards Aurea, hitting her in the back and causing her to fall forwards to the ground. Cyrano looked around to see what had happened, he then swung his arm into the sleeve in his coat, pulled out his blade and held it by his right leg with both hands. He ran towards the Sand Giant and jumped to the left of it while holding his blade out to his right side, as his body flew past the Sand; the blade cut straight through the middle but had no effect on the monster. He landed on his feet behind the Beast and looked around to see what damage he had done. NOTHING!?!? How do I beat this thing!?

Just then another ball of sand appeared from the ground and forced itself towards Cyrano; he dived sideways to evade the ball of sand, before noticing another ball coming towards him. It was too close for him to dodge a second attack, and he would only get tired if he continued to avoid being hit, so he pulled his long coat across the front of his body, the sand hit the coat and fell to the ground.

Aurea climbed back to her feet, and held her Mages Staff with both hands. “No one beats me with a cheap back attack!” she said angrily, staring at the Sand Giant. “If physical attacks won’t work, I should try my Magic instead! Aero won’t work, because it would just make a sandstorm…I’ll try a Blizzara spell.” She waved her Staff and pointed the top towards the Sand Giant. A large blue crystal appeared above the Sand Giant, before falling at a fast rate and crushing the Sand Giant. Cyrano and Aurea covered their faces as the sand exploded and caused them both to fall backwards from where they were standing. After a few seconds the air was clear again for them to see, they both stood and looked at the ground where the Sand Giant was a moment ago. “Heh…do you think it’s gone?” Aurea asked Cyrano with an innocent look on her face.

“I’d prefer not to stay and find out.” He replied, and pulled at her arm as he began to walk away from the recent battle.

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