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Project Zaero; Season 1

General Description
The first season of Zaero will focus on how Eric gains the Power of Xerias and how he adapts to the idea of his new responsibility.

List of Episodes
  1. It Begins
  2. Eric lives another ordinary day of school. It's not until midnight when he hears a stranger in the house and goes downstairs to investigate, when he realises he has improved abilities to stop the trespasser. He confronts him and the stranger flees.

  3. Confusion
  4. Following the events of the previous night, Eric struggles to understand what happened and friends in school get suspicious of his behaviour.

  5. Escape
  6. Eric decides that his improved skills are too risky for him to be associated with. A fight breaks out in school and Eric chooses not to get involved, knowing he could've ended the situation.

  7. Conscience
  8. Eric begins to regret his decision to not use his abilities to calm last weeks situation. At the end of the day he changes his mind and accepts that he needs to get involved to stop others getting hurt.

  9. Ambush
  10. Whilst innocently walking home, Eric is ambushed by a gang of teenagers looking for a fight. He decides to defend himself and fight them off but soon realises he is outnumbered and chooses to flee the area. The same group reappear in a smaller number a few days later and Eric stands his ground long enough for them to leave.

  11. Blade
  12. What was meant to be a day out in town, turns into a brawl when Eric confronts the teenage gang causing problems near a store. He proves successful again but they return later armed with weapons. Eric eventually learns of another power that he can use to fight against them - The Xerias Blade.

  13. Shadow Revealed (Part 1)
  14. It is the last day of school before the summer holidays and everything seems fine, until everyone is leaving and a mass of unknown creatures create chaos and begin damaging the school property. Eric isn't sure what's happening or what these creatures are but he is the only one that can do anything to stop them. He first protects the other students until everyone has gone and proceeds to fight againt the creatures around the school.

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