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Project Zaero; Season 2

General Description
Season 2 brings the introduction of The Shadow, a force that feeds on the darkness of the shadows of all species. Eric must confront this force while balancing school and friends, without exposing Xerias.

2.1 - Truth (Part 2)
Eric continues to race around the school, fighting off the unknown creatures. He is surrounded and decides to make a run for the stairs, once he gets to the top floor, he finds an empty room and shuts himself in there to gain a break from the invasion. After awhile he starts to venture out of the room and cautiously moves around the hallways, the creatures seemed to have disappeared for now. Suddenly he hears a loud screeching sound and finds himself in another room with nothing inside and no doors. A voice explains that he has aquired the Power of Xerias, and that the creatures attacking the school are known as "The Shadow", and they feed on the darkness of the shadows of all species. Eric is responsible for preventing The Shadow from gaining too much control over that darkness. The loud screeching noise returns and Eric appears back in the hallway. A loud noise came from outside and he looked to see a larger creature, about half the size of the building, making it's way across the sports field towards a tourist area. With no idea of how to defeat this new creature, Eric realise that he had to somehow slow it down and stop The Shadow from spreading any further. He proceeds to confront The Shadow and eventually damages it enough with his Xerias Blade for it to retreat. Noone else will remember what happened, as soon as The Shadow disappear, so does all memory and sign of them being there.

2.2 - Still Learning
Eric, still recovering from his recent battle with the Shadow, decides to take on another challenge. He reflects on what happened in Season 1 and how things have changed since he acquired his new ability. Later, the teenage gang he previously had trouble with had returned to the area and this time Eric was more confident that he could handle them all. He confronts them and gets into another fight with them but he is tired and not focused. He struggles and eventually is defeated before they run away and leave him injured in the park. Before Eric has any time to recover, a small group of Shadow appear and Eric has to keep them away from the kids in the area. After his eventual victory, dark clouds move over the town and it begins to rain.

2.3 - Flood (Part 1)
Now that it has been raining for 3 continuous days, rivers are overflowing and the streets are difficult to drive through. Eric confronts a small group of Shadow on his way to school and fights them off. Later in the day, with the rain falling harder, the school is evacuated when a leak in the gym roof is discovered and the rain begins to flood the inside of the building. It isn't long before more Shadow arrive to terrorise the school once again, and just as Eric finishes with them, a new form of Shadow develop. This new form allows them to continue their destruction underwater, and they begin to mutiply in the flooded gym. The storm gets worse when lightning strikes and makes it dangerous to go outside. Eric must find a way to defeat the new Shadow.

2.4 - Believe (Part 2)
Eric continues to confront the Shadow around the school grounds, making his way through the buildings that are gathering rising levels of water inside. He begins to get tired from the attack and the water slowing him down. He decides to go outside but can't go far because of the floods, he eventually finds himself at the doors to the gym where the original leak started the indoor flooding. He also finds a nest of the new Water Shadow and the levels are up to 5ft. But Eric can't swim, and can't fight them underwater. What do I do now? He makes his way back outside. Maybe I can somehow get to the roof and do something about that leak. Up on the roof, in heavy rain under dark grey clouds he makes his way to the hole where the water is streaming inside. Shadow appear to surround him as he gets close, five or six, beginning another battle. He summons the Xerias Blade to combat them. After the last one disappears he looks into the hole in the roof to see more Water Shadow swimming around, the water levels higher than before. Then a loud screeching noise, and an empty room.You can embrace the elements..if you..believe. The Power of Xerias allows you to perform a 'Fusion' with the different elements, when you most need to. But it can harm you if done too often, or used for too long. You just have to believe you can do it. And Eric returned to the roof, recovering from his 2-second blackout. He stood up, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With the Blade in his hand, he dived through the hole into the tank of water inside the gym, and opened his eyes again. He could breath underwater, he could see the Water Shadow circling around him. He began the fight with the new Water Shadow, and eventually came to face the last, bigger Shadow creature. Both sides were evenly matched but one last strike saw Eric defeat the final creature. He then began to choke in the water, his Fusion power was fading fast. The water slowly started to drain away into a small portal in the middle of the room. A Portal where the Shadow were coming from? The water receded to a couple of feet, and Eric was safe again. The rain outside slowed too, but the damage remained and the Portal disappeared. He made his way out of the school, and looked for a quick way home.
2.5 - Driver
2.6 - Attack From The Sea (Part 1)
2.7 - You Are Not Alone (Part 2)

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